US Stock Markets and Hedge Funds

This is a familiar and  beaten up topic for a blog and often boring to many. But you are here means that it works. You value my advice and want to follow me on the markets.

I have been right 9 out of 10 times in my predictions from 2004 till date since I started tracking US markets. The US markets as we know is primarily technical trended meaning that the fundamentals price of the stock is not reflected immediately but after 6 months to an year.

I had predicted the collapse in 2007 when I said that the market is way overpriced and it came down in 2008 mid finally. I also predicted the rise after 2009 bottom in July and the bull rally lasted for 2 years.

Now whats next ?


That is big question every one has and I will answer that in a straight forward manner. As for today the market is in Flux . I call it indecision zone. meaning in short term (3~6 months) it can trend both ways +-200 points on S&P

In a long term (1~5 years) I see the trend to be bullish and expect the index to touch 1600 in matter of couple of years.

Long story short its a prediction and not any advice to any fund manager. I am sure they pay a lot for the advice.

I am planning to go for a event to raise capital for fund and will see how that turns out.


see you later..