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Ecommerce Scam in India #startup

BIg Scam in India

The ecommerce companies are being used as backdoor entities for FDI with out Govt approval .

Majority stake in these multi brand retail shops is maintained by foreign venture and private equity which may be violation of 51% equity required by Indian entities

Now the game there is simple use venture money to undercut small retailer by selling below the cost price in many case and wiping out competition . The plan is to purge all the small mom and pop shops by 2020 and create big chain stores or ecommerce sites

This works well for few but

The Rise of Extreme Right and Left in India and the crony capitalism impact..

Indian Economy has risen to new heights as per the capitalistic standards. The SenSex is 29000 at the time of writing this from 5000 just a decade back. The average indian IT Salary has gone from 25000 to 96000 PM and the no of startups in technology  per month has gone from 5 per month to around 50-60 per month .Average land per sq feet has gone from 15000 to 150000 RS. All seems rosy and Growth correct ???

Indian Elections and Economy

We have seen a vibarent indian elections getting over.The Right Wing politics took over the left wing congress who was marred with Scams and inefficiency. The Economy of India is in Doldrums with current account deficits going over the roof and Ironaically the Stock markets as well . The Quesion now is what happens next..


US Stock Markets and Hedge Funds

This is a familiar and  beaten up topic for a blog and often boring to many. But you are here means that it works. You value my advice and want to follow me on the markets.

I have been right 9 out of 10 times in my predictions from 2004 till date since I started tracking US markets. The US markets as we know is primarily technical trended meaning that the fundamentals price of the stock is not reflected immediately but after 6 months to an year.

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