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BPO Partners is a unique service provider for small and start-up companies who have a great idea for future and aspire to be Facebook and Groupon of the future. We believe that no idea is small or unrealizable. The companies succeed or fail on implementation and not the idea. We fill in the gap for small companies which have limited resources for executing their Idea."We Value Relationships" and work on fixed costs or equity with the companies to get them the state of the art solutions they are looking for.

We have a strong team of professionals in business Strategy,IT and Software Development Internet Marketing and Business Process Outsourcing and collaborate with multiple partners in specialty areas like CMS websites and Facebook Applications to provide a one-stop shop to our clients.
We create the absolute best place on the web and internet for your company. Our business consultants and custom design team around the globe goes to work sun up or sun down to bring that same allure, personality and success to your online home.
We create the quality websites in Python, PHP, Java, .NET, Cold Fusion, FLEX ,Drupal and Joomla .our clients have complex requirements from Custom Ecommerce site to a Content Rich Social Media site and high expectations. We work closly with our clients on their timezone with a local resource and what we create works exactly the way you wanted it to.
our SEO team integrates search engine optimization and social media magic to increase qualified website traffic and maximize conversions. We create entire marketing campaigns, online and offline, that will drive home your branding message.

we are a proud participant of the latest trends in business and consumer-centric mobile applications. we are now a specialist mobile application development company offering full-spectrum, end-to end services across diverse categories such as business, utilities, entertainment and gaming amongst various others. We offer custom mobile application development on mobile operating platforms like iOS (iOS 4 and its later versions), Android (3.1), Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry OS, and Symbian OS.

We also provide the BPO services for Realtors, Lawyers and companies who want to minimise costs and focus on their core competency rather than worrying about the Repeated tasks for customer support and Internal IT and business systems.

We value long term relationships and are work hard to create success stories for our clients. Give us a try . Email or call us at 508-603-9500 and we can help you.


BIg Scam in India

The ecommerce companies are being used as backdoor entities for FDI with out Govt approval .

Majority stake in these multi brand retail shops is maintained by foreign venture and private equity which may be violation of 51% equity required by Indian entities


Indian Economy has risen to new heights as per the capitalistic standards. The SenSex is 29000 at the time of writing this from 5000 just a decade back. The average indian IT Salary has gone from 25000 to 96000 PM and the no of startups in technology  per month has gone from 5 per month to a...


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